​​​"Thank you for running such an amazing school!  Beckett is our oldest child and when we decided to send him to preschool at 2 1/2, it was a tough decision.  Once we saw Mountain Hill School, we knew  this was the place for him.  You have put together such an amazing staff, we loved every teacher he had.  He has grown and learned so much since he started and he absolutely loves school!  We feel confident that he is well prepared for Kindergarten.  We will miss coming to Mountain Hill next year but look forward to sending our daughter in 2019!                                                                

                                                                                                                                            Samantha & Michael F.

"Thank you so much for providing such a special place for my children to begin their education.  From your dedicated teachers to the amazing atmosphere, both of my sons have developed a love for learning and we are forever grateful!  It is hard to leave Mountain Hill, but we know Brendan and Dylan have a solid foundation as they continue to grow and learn.

                                                                                                                                                      Jen & Steve A.

"The Mountain Hill School is more than just a school, it is an experience. Their teaching style is second to none. From the outdoor classroom, hikes through the campus, the animals in the barn and an overall amazing community, this school is the best around!"

                                                                                                                                               Lori S​.

"Mountain Hill School has been a valuable partner in the education of the children in our family. The educational foundation Mountain Hill laid for our oldest child is without doubt one of the driving forces in her success as an exceptional student. The practices and methods she learned while attending Mountain Hill School were valuable assets for her as she moved through the public school system and mandatory state testing, her focus and love of learning all started during her early years at Mountain Hill.  Having just graduated sixth grade with High Honors, she is a testament to the education every Mountain Hill student receives. When asked recently why we would not be sending her sister to public Kindergarten in the fall, our answer was simple: why break what isn't broken and mess with what is obvious success?"

Danielle D.

"Mountain Hill is a fantastic school with a great sense of community among the families who send their children there.  The farm and animals are a highlight - such a unique setting where kids can stop and enjoy the outdoors and nature, which is a breath of fresh air in the fast-paced world we live in. The teachers are creative and warm - I feel they truly care about my child and ensure that he loves coming to school each day."

Ashley R.

"Mountain Hill is the type of preschool/kindergarten experience that every parent wants for their child. I have three children who have gone to the pre k and kindergarten programs and I have watched them grow, mature, learn and most importantly have fun & build friendships. As an educator myself I consider the kindergarten program to be a model program that should be recognized by the state for its excellence!  My children were more than ready for first grade and transitioned beautifully to public school.             Kudos to the Mountain Hill staff!  You continue to outdo yourselves year after year!"

Submitted by a parent

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Mountain Hill School. Our son attended Pre-K and we have watched him grow so much over the past two years. The teachers are inspiring, clever and never short of fun ideas to help the children learn and grasp new things. I loved that my son would confidently blurt out fun facts about animals and different countries while we were riding in the car or sitting at the dinner table. He was so proud to share this new information with me and he would say, “I know that because I am smart!” He just graduated from Mountain Hill, but I was not as sad as the other parents because we will be sending our other son when he is old enough to attend. We cannot wait to go back!"

Jodi W.

"My children are thriving at Mountain Hill School. They look forward to going to school every day and cherish the friendships they have made. They love and respect their teachers and take pride in all they are learning. The teachers are exceptional - it is clear they love what they do and are invested in their students' success."

Michelle M.

"The best way to summarize our Mt Hill school Experience is by my kids every Saturday and Sunday morning asking if they have school....and are very disappointed that they don't! The best thing my husband and I ever did was give them the best first school experience! They now love to learn and love school!"

Staci Addessi

"My husband and I can see a notable change in our son every time he comes home from school. He is more confident, communicative and inquisitive. It has been a joy watching him grow through this experience, and we truly appreciate the impact Mountain Hill School has made."

Kristen K.

Teacher Quote:

"Working at the Mountain Hill School is the epitome of my career.  The teaching is both rewarding and fun. Time is not wasted on testing it is spent engaging the children."

Jenny K.

"I have worked at Mountain Hill School for 23 years and in that time have seen it get better every year!  The teachers are not only well qualified but they are totally committed and truly believe in what they do. They are always seeking ways to improve themselves and their curriculum and they are all emotionally invested in Mountain Hill School and all it stands for.  The owners are totally hands on and whatever the teachers or staff need, they accommodate them completely.  They believe whole-heartedly in what they do and strive every day to make the school the best it can possibly be.  Their motto is "Kids first" and we have all followed that mantra.  They are a pleasure to work with and to work for and our parents are always amazed at their accessibility and their commitment to what they do.  We pride ourselves on helping each child reach their maximum potential and sending them on with confidence and a love of learning!  It is an honor to work amongst such dedicated people and I can truly say that I love my job and am proud of what I do."

Submitted by a staff member

What Parents Are Saying

Two out of three of our girls are already a part of the Mountain Hill family and we can't wait for our last one to join in the Fall.  Sending our children to Mountain Hill has been hands down the best parenting decision that we have made.  The setting is park-like with so much to do and explore, the curriculum is engaging and just the right amount challenging, the staff loves and treats the children like their own, and the experience has just been plain fun for our girls.  They have developed a love for learning that we know they will carry into their elementary school years and beyond.  The extras are endless; holiday shows, yoga on the front lawn, science experiments in the barn, animal lessons with Farmer Andy, hayrides at Fall Fest, getting to soak your parent at the dunk tank at Spring Fun Day, sentimental Mother's Day parties, playing outside in the snow with your snow gear and sleds, flying all over the world to chase the class' Gingerbread Man, pizza Fridays, having your classroom transformed into a real bank with life lessons from a real banker... and the list goes on.  To sum it up, our daughter said she'd rather go to Mountain Hill than Disney World!  ​

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Evan & Kara Curatolo