​​​ "Mountain Hill School--as far as my wife and I were concerned--was the only option for our children after having moved back to the area. The folks at MHS have maintained the experience and upheld the values I remember from years ago as a student there myself, and it's done wonderful things for our children both socially and academically. Like in so many other families, our children are very different students, but the Mountain Hill School teaching staff has certainly maximized the kids' respective experiences--and with a personal touch! We are forever grateful to the Mountain Hill School "family" for taking such great care of our children as students and, more importantly, human beings."             B. Crisp              

                                                                                                                                                                               This is my daughter's second year at Mountain Hill and we decided to send her to kindergarten here next year as well. We have had such a great experience here so far. My child's teacher has amazing enthusiasm and you can tell how much she loves being with the kids. The communication has been so thorough, I know exactly what she did in the classroom each day and it is so nice to see pictures of the kids and activities too. I love the way the morning is broken up for the kids and the various centers they participate in. We have appreciated the overall communication from the front office too and how things have been handled, especially through Covid times. I am so happy that we found Mountain Hill- it's such a special place and it is clear how much they care about the kids and their early education. We look forward to the next few years with our kids at Mountain Hill.                                                                                                                                                                              J. Abene

“Mountain Hill School is a very special learning place for children. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and teachers do a wonderful job making children feel special and cared for. They are greeted with warm smiles in the morning which really sets the tone for the day. As a parent, I find the teachers and school staff to be collaborative and always accessible. They’re happy to share feedback and advice and I can tell they take the time to get to know each child. Feels like one big family and you get the sense that everyone really loves what they do.  The curriculum is rich and interesting and the teachers do a great job of balancing fun with educational. A huge added bonus are the beautiful grounds the school is situated on. I would highly recommend Mountain Hill School to any parent looking for a school that is rich in curriculum but not short on love and smiles!”                                        Anna N.

"Mountain Hill School has been a valuable partner in the education of the children in our family. The educational foundation Mountain Hill laid for our oldest child is without doubt one of the driving forces in her success as an exceptional student. The practices and methods she learned while attending Mountain Hill School were valuable assets for her as she moved through the public school system and mandatory state testing, her focus and love of learning all started during her early years at Mountain Hill.  Having just graduated sixth grade with High Honors, she is a testament to the education every Mountain Hill student receives. When asked recently why we would not be sending her sister to public Kindergarten in the fall, our answer was simple: why break what isn't broken and mess with what is obvious success?"

                                                                                                                                          Danielle D.

"My daughter is excited every morning to go to school and equally thrilled to tell me all about her day every afternoon. She has loved every teacher, substitute, office staff, lunch aid, special guest (and farmer!) that she has ever had. I am so grateful we decided to send Rory to MH for kindergarten, especially during this crazy year. I am blown away by all that she is learning at this age. I have tried to teach Rory about money and time and she seemed to have no interest....one week of it in Kindergarten with Mrs. Guarnaccia and Mrs. Jackapino, and she’s suddenly an expert!  The teachers all seem like they love being there and have tremendous energy and zest for their job.  I wish the school went up to 12th grade!! Where’s that petition to sign?!?!  We are excited to send our little one!! 

                                                                                                                                      K. Nolan

"We can't be happier with Mountain Hill School! My son started there when he was 3 and it has been such a great experience! The school campus is amazing! I love that all the classrooms are their own little buildings and they are always neat and super clean. The property is really one of a kind. From the farm and all the animals that the children get to see to the trails and greenery, it is such a beautiful and serene atmosphere. He is in his 2nd year and we have been extremely pleased with his teachers. There are multiple teachers in each class so there is so much personal attention and they really help to tailor everything to each individual child. He brings home elaborate art projects and they do so many fun activities and you can tell how much thought the teachers put into every single lesson plan. They are also really great with making the kids feel at ease and I just can't be happier with our experience at Mountain Hill. We plan to have him stay through kindergarten and can't wait for the baby to go there as well when she is old enough.

                                                                                                                                       Inna M.

"My older son is having a wonderful experience in PreK. His interest in letters, writing, and art has grown and developed in such a positive way. My younger son recently began the 2.5/3 program and his teacher has been caring and attentive to him during his transition to school. They both love the outdoor activities and animals. We are looking forward to more years at Mountain Hill."

                                                                                                                                       M. Messina

Our girls love Mountain Hill and we do too. We really cannot imagine a better environment for these important early childhood years. The school cares so much about the children and the faculty are such experts on this stage of learning. We would unreservedly recommend MH to any parent.                                                                                                             

​                                                                                                                                     S. Brownlie  

"I have worked at Mountain Hill School for 27 years and in that time have seen it get better every year!  The teachers are not only well qualified but they are totally committed and truly believe in what they do. They are always seeking ways to improve themselves and their curriculum and they are all emotionally invested in Mountain Hill School and all it stands for.  The owners are totally hands on and whatever the teachers or staff need, they accommodate them completely.  They believe whole-heartedly in what they do and strive every day to make the school the best it can possibly be.  Their motto is "Kids first" and we have all followed that mantra.  They are a pleasure to work with and to work for and our parents are always amazed at their accessibility and their commitment to what they do.  We pride ourselves on helping each child reach their maximum potential and sending them on with confidence and a love of learning!  It is an honor to work amongst such dedicated people and I can truly say that I love my job and am proud of what I do."                                                                 

​                                                                                                                                             T. Hegarty

Two out of three of our girls are already a part of the Mountain Hill family and we can't wait for our last one to join in the Fall.  Sending our children to Mountain Hill has been hands down the best parenting decision that we have made.  The setting is park-like with so much to do and explore, the curriculum is engaging and just the right amount challenging, the staff loves and treats the children like their own, and the experience has just been plain fun for our girls.  They have developed a love for learning that we know they will carry into their elementary school years and beyond.  The extras are endless; holiday shows, yoga on the front lawn, science experiments in the barn, animal lessons with Farmer Andy, hayrides at Fall Fest, getting to soak your parent at the dunk tank at Spring Fun Day, sentimental Mother's Day parties, playing outside in the snow with your snow gear and sleds, flying all over the world to chase the class' Gingerbread Man, pizza Fridays, having your classroom transformed into a real bank with life lessons from a real banker... and the list goes on.  To sum it up, our daughter said she'd rather go to Mountain Hill than Disney World!  ​

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Evan & Kara Curatolo

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